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Bringing "SUBCULTURE" to Cinequest

In March, the short film I wrote and directed entitled SUBCULTURE premieres at the CINEQUEST FILM FESTIVAL. It quite an honor to be selected to this esteemed Silicon Valley film festival. My last film, the feature SEAHORSES was an intense drama with very heavy themes. It was quite intense making a personal film and showing it at festivals was cathartic at times.

SUBCULTURE is quite a different beast.

With SUBCULTURE, the main intent is to bring my twisted sense of humor to the forefront. My ambition was to make something funny, crazy, weird and wonderful that is full of twists. I was very lucky to work with amazing talent that help bring my ideas to life. So far, the early feedback on the film has been very good. Unlike a drama, when you show a comedy you get instant feedback from the audience: laughter. It will be exciting to show SUBCULTURE to an audience for the very first time up on the big screen.

As much as filmmaking is focused on completion and showing off your art to the world, it is also about the journey. As crazy and stressed out the journey is, it offers the charms and rewards, extreme lows and supreme highs. As filmmakers, we make films because we want to say something, but we also make films to connect, not just with the audience but with other artists. I look forward to connecting with audiences and artists with this unique opportunity. Some of the most defining moments of my filmmaking life were times I shared with other filmmakers.


SUBCULTURE Premieres at the Cinequest Film Festivial, playing with the feature THIS IS MEG. It will screen five times in the Silicon Valley cities of San Jose, Redwood City and Santana Row. CINEQUEST Tix for SUBCULTURE.


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