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DaVinci Resolve: Premiere & Avid Killer?

Most filmmakers are aware that Davinci Resolve is one of the top tools for color grading. Now the program is stepping up its game and working to become a complete editing solution. Can one PROFESSIONALLY cut picture, shape sound, color and deliver with this one program that is known for just color?

I decided to try it out with this Hawaiian footage that I shot last week and was pleasantly surprised at the ease it took to cut and complete this little video. It was fun to cut it with limited drama. I liked DaVinci as an editor.

This video was shot with the GoPro 5, edited with DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and then colored with a quick basic grade in DaVinci.

From my one day crash course in the program, I feel that it isn't a complete professional solution, however it is getting there. Right now Avid and Premiere are not shaking in their boots, Resolve is not yet an editing powerhouse. The controls and menus need to be be more intuitive to the needs of an editor, you can't keyframe into the timeline, title tool is rudementry, there are limited fx, there is a lack of integration for aftermarket filters and the audio controls are extremely basic. The color tool is where DaVinci destroys the competition, the editing part while very good, is still a work in progress if you want to use it for professional applications.

I'm sure that DaVinci Resolve will continue to improve the editing aspects of its program, perhaps the next version will be the one that makes everyone switch. Now that Blackmagic is bundling the program with its cameras, more and more people will be exposed to this useful program.

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