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Los Angeles Premiere of SUBCULTURE

Dances With Films festival has been a huge part of my life. My very first film festival experience was at DWF with my first film in 2000. I have been fortunate to be asked to screen three times: DWF4 with PEDESTRIAN , DWF17 with SEAHORSES, and this year, DWF20 with SUBCULTURE. Huge gratitude for those who work so hard to make this one of the truly special film festivals in the world. The TCL Chinese Theatre is a great venue and the fest takes over the modern lobby with a cool VIP room upstairs.

The cast and crew of SUBCULTURE in attendance on the red carpet.

Filmmakers from all over the world are showcased at the festival and there are so many fun and interesting people in attendance. Our screening on Friday June 2, was an incredible night. Team Subculture was in full effect, it was a thrill to see friends old and new.

Since Hollywood is my hometown and where we shot it, we were able to assemble most of the crew together. Super special to reconnect with our talented cast on the special night: Raymond Morris, Jillian Christi, Jed Rowen and Eric Spudic. We had a pre-party at one of my favorite Hollywood joint's The Snow White Cafe. Then our mob rambled over to the Chinese Theatre for pictures, interviews and the screening. The night ran flawlessly, with friendly and professional staff, incredible organization, responsive packed audience and state of the art projection and sound. It was thrilling to hear the audience LAUGH at all right places. Incredible response, really rewarding.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the night is the Johns' family came to honor the work and life of our late Production Designer Reed Johns. Reed was a huge talent who sadly took his life in April. It was bittersweet, chatting with them at the pre-party and discussing Reed, and then they joined us on the red carpet; what a lovely family.

Since our screening was near the start of the festival, I was able to relax for the rest of the festival, meet new friends and take in some amazing films. I really enjoyed the Natasha Kermani's feminist riff on THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH: IMITATION GIRL, Daniel Tenenbaum & Stacy Maltin's impressive and heartfelt LANDING UP and my festival favorite: Will Raee's brilliant and hilariously funny AUSTIN FOUND.

Saying goodbye to some amazing artist from the closing night party.

Special thanks to Michael Keller DWF19 alumni who took some of the red carpet and all of party pics and official DWF photographer Ry Higdon who took the pro red carpet pictures. To To the Dances with Films Team: Thank you for your tireless work: fest founders Leslee Scallon and Michael Trent and Kudos Felicia Lambreton, Robert Mellette, Cory Baney, Kerim Duran and all the rest; you folks are amazing people who really make an experience I will never forget.

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