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What I did on my Summer Vacation

As the summer of 2018 comes to a close, I reflect on the incredible things I did, and wonderful people I worked with. Due to a broken foot, sidelined my Hollywood Hike series but then found myself hobbling up a rickety ladder up on a rooftop in Long Beach to document the line between genius and madness on director Jeff Leroy's set of Giantess Attacks Vs. Mecha-Fembot.

On the Leroy set, I was blown away by the inventive filmmaking, use of practical special effects and extremely committed cast and crew. It was extremely fun and inspiring watching amazing actors Vlada Fox, Tasha Tacosa and Rachel Riley do their stuff. The result is the documentary GIANT WOMEN, MICRO-BUDGET. I am very proud of this document that celebrates the passion of filmmaking. The documentary has already entered the film festival circuit with screenings in Seattle, and upcoming in Gig Harbor, Provo Utah (Filmquest) with more to come. Filmquest has nominated the GWMB for Best Documentary, quite an honor.

This summer, I was also able to get my narrative filmmaking fix, directing and writing THE LAST CALLBACK with the stars that I stole from Jeff Leroy's "Giantess" set: Tasha Tacosa and Rachel Riley. I also brought Jeff Leroy on board, who was extremely helpful on the set and created some very unique special effects for the film. THE LAST CALLBACK is about my love/hate relationship with Hollywood and boasts some super powerful performances by Tasha and Rachel.

Both GIANT WOMEN, MICRO-BUDGET and THE LAST CALLBACK boast a music score by my favorite secret weapon, composer Kenji Ueda. Working with Kenji is quite amazing, his work is revelatory and we do it all remotely, he lives in Japan.

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